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~Mahatma Gandhi

Our business support services are comprehensive and tailored to the specific clients’ needs and based on our vast experience, business network, wide knowledge and understanding of the targeted market. We assist our clients in penetrating the relevant markets, introduce new products and services, and create proven and guaranteed business models  with the purpose of generating short, middle and long term revenues. Furthermore, we are working with our clients’ to build beneficial and winning partnerships as well as initial strategic sales all with the intention to bring our clients’ and partners’ business in a state of solid presence in the targeted markets.

Our consultancy services include a wide range of studies and research work of the targeted markets and players. This is based on our matured know-how and understanding of the major trends and competitive environments existing in the different markets, our strong competency in defining penetration strategies, and our vast experience in identifying the appropriate channels for our clients towards successful business results. Our work continues beyond the business development and marketing studies. Together with our clients we plan and develop the most appropriate value propositions, which might be required to create business and generate revenues, all this through a continuous guidance and support for the qualifying and selecting of the most relevant partnerships, including when required, a mandated participation in the decision making processes.

Our mediation consultancy services benefit to our clients in the generation of more business opportunities and consequently more revenues. Conclusion of a profitable mutual partnership is key to us. For this end, we are working with and for our clients in creating real new business horizons. This include the establishment of initial contact with the appropriate decision makers at third parties which share common business interests with clear and solid business objectives. While handling this representation, we are carefully reviewing and reshaping our clients’ marketing materials (in different EU languages if required) to best match the targeted third parties and consequently, guaranteeing road shows of substantial number of meetings with the appropriate decision makers. During all this time, we incorporate the information gathered in the process in order to best leverage the business positioning of our clients’ in the targeted markets and third parties. As required, we will promote follow-up meetings with existing or new contacts up to the closing of resulting beneficial partnerships.

In addition, our strong legal experience and understanding of the different jurisdictions will provide our clients with an efficient guidance throughout the sales process. This legal assistance may include an adequate interface with local and international governmental authorities as well as telecommunications regulators.

Our work is based on a vast experience and know-how in the telecommunications, broadband, content, and media markets.